inv_check - Checks invariants on a module.

inv_check [-h] [-e search_method] <module_name> [inv_name] [inv_name] ...

This command checks the specified invariants on the specified module. The invariants have to be read using the command inv_read before this command is invoked. If no invariants are specified on the command line, then all invariants that have been read are checked. If the -e option has been used, use enumerative search else symbolic search. If the -r option has been used, use symbolic breadth-first search on real-time modules. The -r option should be used with real-time modules only, and takes precedence over the -e option.

Command Options:

Print usage.

-e search_method
Use the specified search method. search_method must be one of the following.

0 : Use breadth-first search.

1 : Use depth-first search.

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