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cMocha Documentation
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cMocha (Version 1.0.1) Documentation
The cMocha User's Manual (gzip) provides a gentle introduction to the use of cMocha including the modeling formalism reactive modules, the specification logic ATL, and the compositional and hierarchical verification methodologies supported by cMocha.

cMocha comes with an extensive built-in help system which is available either through a help menu of cMocha's graphical user interface or through the following help commands in cMocha's command shell:

The help information for the commands in cMocha is also available on-line. Also refer to the technical papers for more extensive information.
If you are interested in the software design aspects of cMocha you may find the following information useful. cMocha has been written with a view to make it easily extensible. To enable this we have adopted the C coding conventions advocated by VIS in: cMocha is organized into packages.  By adhering to the VIS coding conventions we were able to automatically extract documentation for the exported functions in the packages using the ext documentation extraction system: At some point we will have a short document giving an overview of the software architecture of cMocha: