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HyTech: The HYbrid TECHnology Tool

HyTech is an automatic tool for the analysis of embedded systems. HyTech computes the condition under which a linear hybrid system satisfies a temporal requirement. Hybrid systems are specified as collections of automata with discrete and continuous components, and temporal requirements are verified by symbolic model checking. If the verification fails, then HyTech generates a diagnostic error trace. The standard reference to the HyTech algorithm is [1], and the standard reference to the HyTech tool, [2].

[1] R. Alur, T.A. Henzinger, and P.-H. Ho. Automatic Symbolic Verification of Embedded Systems. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 22:181-201, 1996.

[2] T.A. Henzinger, P.-H. Ho, and H. Wong-Toi. HyTech: A Model Checker for Hybrid Systems. Software Tools for Technology Transfer 1:110-122, 1997.

The HyTech Team

HyTech was developed by Tom Henzinger, Pei-Hsin Ho, and Howard Wong-Toi.

The HyTech Demo

The HyTech Papers

The HyTech Files

We have compiled the same sources on Unix, Linux but also under Windows with Cygwin. If you need to use HyTech on another platform, you should be able to compile the sources yourself with little effort (works with gcc 2.9x).
Download binaries : See the user guide for installation instructions.

Two HyTech Case Studies

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