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WING 2009
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ETAPS 2009
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Accepted Papers

  • Gudmund Grov and Andrew Ireland.
    Towards Automated Property Discovery within Hume

  • Asma Louhichi, Olfa Mraihi, Lamia Labed and Ali Mili.
    Invariant Assertions, Invariant Relations, and Invariant Functions

  • Ewen Maclean, Andrew Ireland, Lucas Dixon and Robert Atkey.
    Refinement and Term Synthesis in Loop Invariant Generation

  • Florin Craciun, Chenguang Luo, Guanhua He, Shengchao Qin and Wei-Ngan Chin.
    Discovering Specifications for Unknown Procedures - Work in Progress

  • Jan Olaf Blech, Thanh-Hung Nguyen and Michael Perin.
    Invariants and Robustness of BIP Models

  • Bahareh Badban, Stefan Leue and Jan-Georg Smaus.
    Automated Invariant Generation for the Verification of Real-Time Systems

  • Angela Wallenburg.
    Generalisation of Induction Formulae based on Proving by Symbolic Execution

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