Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
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MTC Informal Meetings

Summer 2008


The objective of the meetings is to bring together the researchers of the group once a week in order to strengthen the links between each other and enable more collaborations among the group. Each week, we will discuss some topic of interest brought by one of the members of the group, according to the following schedule.


DayPerson in charge
February 1Laurent Doyen
February 8Laura Kovacs
February 15Laura Kovacs (cont'd)
February 22Grégory Théoduloz
February 29Verena Wolf 14:00
March 7Grégory Théoduloz (cont'd)
March 14Vasu Singh
March 28Tatjana Petrov
April 4-
April 11Invited talk 15:15
April 18Chin Wei Ngan
April 25Barbara Jobstmann
May 2-
May 9Tresor talk: Christoph Kirsch
May 16Cedric Favre (Msc project midterm presentation) 14:00
May 23Verena Wolf
May 30Invited: Dietmar Berwanger
June 6-
June 13-
June 20Tresor Talk
June 27Tresor Talk

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