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Alpine Verification Meeting 2005

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 6, 2005

Next event: The meeting in 2006 will be hosted by ETH Zurich and University of Lugano, Switzerland,
and will take place in May 2006 at the Centro Stefano Franscini, located on Monte Verita near Ascona.


The Alpine Verification Meeting is an informal meeting on current problems in formal verification. The goal of the meeting is to bring together researchers from the region to update each other on their research, to have time for discussion, also on possible collaborations. The meeting is open to the public. Presentations are by invitation only: we invited two speakers from every 'alpine' country, i.e., two each from Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. This year's meeting is hosted by EPFL, Switzerland.

Program (pdf)

9:00 Dirk Beyer
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
9:15 Joseph Sifakis
VERIMAG, Grenoble, France
Modeling and Validation of Real-Time Systems at Verimag (pdf)
9:45 Armin Biere
Uni Linz, Austria
QBF in Formal Verification (Abstract, pdf)
10:15 Roderick Bloem
TU Graz, Austria
Fault Localization and Repair (Abstract, pdf, pps)

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Javier Esparza
Uni Stuttgart, Germany
Around Moped (Abstract, pdf)
11:30 Daniel Kroening
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Model Checking C++ (Abstract, pdf, ppt)
12:00 Roberto Segala
Uni Verona, Italy
Modeling Stochastic Nondeterministic Systems: the Challenge of Continuous Measures (pdf)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Helmut Veith
TU Munich, Germany
From Security to Timing Analysis: Novel Applications of Model Checking to Software Analysis
14:30 Thomas A. Henzinger
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Interface-based Design (pdf, ppt)

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Social Event in the vineyards

Bus to hotel departs

List of participants.


EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, building BC (the brand new glass building at the south-west corner of campus, right side in the picture), room BC 01 (ground floor).

Directions from Geneva airport to EPFL: Either (cheapest) take the train from Geneva to Renens and then take the Metro (city train) from Renens to EPFL, or (fastest) take the train from Geneva to Morges or Lausanne and then take a taxi to EPFL (there are plenty of taxis outside these stations, Morges-EPFL should cost about 30CHF, Lausanne-EPFL should cost about 40CHF). For timetables check this link. The hotel in St. Sulpice is close to EPFL (approx. 800m). Bus 57 goes from EPFL metro station to the center of St. Sulpice. From the center of St. Sulpice it is a very short distance.

Social Event

We will take a bus from the EPFL to the village Epesses (picture), which is situated in the Lavaux region, a beautiful area on the north shore of Lake Geneva with lots of vineyards (picture). There, we will first do a short walk through the vineyards, which will be concluded with a wine tasting session in one of the local cellars.  Finally, we will walk to the restaurant where we will have dinner.
Pictures from the event (by Marc Schaub).


Registration is by email to the organizer until September 29th, 2005. Participation is open to the public. There is a registration fee of 100 CHF (to cover the dinner and bus transfer to the social event), to be paid in cash at the meeting or in advance by bank transfer (make sure to mention IC-MTC -AVM2005). We reserved a few rooms in a nice hotel in St. Sulpice on the shore of the lake (walking distance from EPFL, appr. 200 CHF per night): Hostellerie du Debarcadere. Don't hesitate to ask us to book a room for you, but please do so as soon as possible.


For inquiries about the Alpine Verification Meeting, please contact Dirk Beyer.

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