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Problem Solving in Computer Science

Winter Semester 2008/9




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The objective of the course is twofold. First, the course aims at honing the problem solving skills of young researchers in computer science. Second, the course aims at explaining the "research enterprise" in computer science to beginning doctoral students.


The first part of the course focuses on four research projects in the following areas: Students will work on the projects in groups of 3-4 people. Each project will run for about 3 weeks. The second part of the course will run in parallel to the first part and discuss the following topics:


The course is open to doctoral students, and to masters students who plan to pursue a research career.


Grades will be awarded on the basis of class participation (40%) and project work (15% for each project).

Scribing Schedule:

DateScribe DateScribe
Sep 16Radu Negoescu Sep 18Paul Dütting
Sep 23Sep 25Tatjana Petrov
Sep 30Horatiu Jula Oct 2Thomas Hofer
Oct 7Dan AlistarhOct 9Alex Pitchin
Oct 14Mihailo KolundzijaOct 16 Radu Stoica
Oct 21Quentin Bonnard Oct 23Ali Galip
Oct 28 Silviu AndricaOct 30Sven Gowal
Nov 4 Fabrice RousselleNov 6 Salman Mirghasemi
Nov 11Romain Rossier Nov 13 Vitaly Chipounov
Nov 18Hossein Hojjat Nov 20Quentin Bonnard
Nov 25 Thomas Hofer Nov 27Dan Alistarh
Dec 2 Fabrice RousselleDec 4Xavier Jimenez
Dec 9Xavier Jimenez Dec 11Xavier Jimenez
Dec 16 Silviu Andrica

Lecture 1 (Sept 16):

Lecture 2 (Sept 18):

Lecture 3 (Sept 25):

Lecture 4 (Sept 30):

Lecture 5 (Oct 2):

Lecture 6 (Oct 7):

Lecture 7 (Oct 9):

Lecture 8 (Oct 14):

Lecture 9 (Oct 16):

Lecture 10 (Oct 21):

Lecture 11 (Oct 23):

Lecture 12 (Oct 28):

Lecture 13 (Oct 30):

Lecture 14 (Nov 4):

Lecture 15 (Nov 6):

Lecture 16 (Nov 11):

Lecture 17 (Nov 13):

Lecture 18 (Nov 18):

Lecture 19 (Nov 20):

Lecture 20 (Nov 25):

Lecture 21 (Nov 27):

Lecture 22 (Dec 2):

Lecture 23 (Dec 4):

Lecture 24 (Dec 9):

Lecture 25 (Dec 11):

Lecture 25 (Dec 16):


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