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Problem Solving in Computer Science

Summer 2007




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The objective of the course is twofold. First, the course aims at honing the problem solving skills of young researchers in computer science. Second, the course aims at explaining the "research enterprise" in computer science to beginning doctoral students.


The first part of the course focuses on four research projects in the following areas: Students will work on the projects in groups of 3-4 people. Each project will run for about 3 weeks. The second part of the course will run in parallel to the first part and discuss the following topics:


The course is open to doctoral students, and to masters students who plan to pursue a research career.


Grades will be awarded on the basis of class participation (40%) and project work (15% for each project).

Scribing Schedule:

March 20, 23Ghid Maatouk
March 27, 30Vaibhav Rajan
April 3Valentin Longchamp
April 17, 20Lucian Variu
April 24, 27Francisco Pinto
May 1, 4Denisa Ghita
May 8, 11Vasu Singh
May 15, 18Stéphane Magnenat
May 22, 25Ashutosh Gupta
May 29, June 1Maria Mateescu
June 5, 8Masoud Alipour
June 12, 15Rammohan Narendula
June 19, 22Patrick Salamin

Lecture 1 (March 13):

Lecture 2 (March 16):

Lecture 3 (March 20):

Lecture 4 (March 23):

Lecture 5 (March 27):

Lecture 6 (March 30):

Lecture 7 (April 3):

Lecture 8 (April 17):

Lecture 9 (April 20):

Lecture 10 (April 24):

Lecture 11 (April 27):

Lecture 12 (May 1):

Lecture 13 (May 4):

Lecture 14 (May 8):

Lecture 15 (May 11):

Lecture 16 (May 15):

Lecture 17 (May 22):

Lecture 18 (May 25):

Lecture 19 (May 29):

Lecture 20 (June 1):

Lecture 21 (June 5):

Lecture 22 (June 5):

Lecture 23 (June 8):

Lecture 24 (June 12):

Presentation Schedule:

June 5Denisa GhitaWhy Can't We See the Truth?
Ashutosh Gupta Panchang -- The Indian Calender
Yann ChristinatThe Human Genome Project
June 12
Alexey Gribovskiy The Mozart Effect
Stéphane Magnenat Go
Patrick Salamin Visualisation Learning
June 15Masoud Alipour
Francisco Pinto MP3 -- The Compression Format That Changed the Music World
Maria Mateescu
Lucian Variu Good logos, bad logos
Vasu Singh Dreams
June 19Valentin Longchamp Swiss Ski Technique
Rammohan Narendula Knowledge Sharing
Vaibhav Rajan
Ghid Maatouk π