Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
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We are concerned with developing new theories, technologies, and tools for the model-based design and analysis of reactive systems, including software, hardware, embedded, and biological systems. If you are interested in pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in one of these areas, please contact us.


Laurent Doyen
Tom Henzinger
Barbara Jobstmann
Laura Kovács
Maria Mateescu
Tatjana Petrov
Vasu Singh
Gregory Theoduloz
Thomas Wies
Verena Wolf

Former lab members

Courses and Student Projects

Theoretical Computer Science (Summer Semester 2009)
Advanced Theoretical Computer Science (Summer Semester 2009)
Master's thesis projects and semester projects
Past courses


TRESOR seminars
Informal meetings
Systems Biology Journal Club
WING 2009 - 2nd International Workshop on Invariant Generation
Past events

Software Tools

HyTech: Automatic tool for the analysis of embedded systems
Mocha: Exploiting Modularity in Model Checking
Giotto: Methodology for Embedded Control Systems Development
Blast: Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool
Aligator: Invariant Generation by Algebraic Techniques

How to find us

The MTC lab is part of TRESOR (Thrust in Reliable Software Research) and ARTIST (Network of Excellence on Advanced Real-Time Systems). The lab is also funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.